Pandemic and Rock Music concerts

As the COVID 19 struck hard on the world, the music industry also collapsed as the governments imposed strict restrictions on the gathering of people. The impact on the music world was hard, as live performances' revenue was cut short. Initially, the music world crumbled but starts to recover now as they transit themselves to the online world. The Rock Music concerts were themselves a big festival for the fans as thousands and thousands of them gather around to enjoy the electrifying music. However, everything can go online, as experience shows. We already knew the concerts held in the Fortnite game. Now, the era of home concert streams comes. More bands agree to play for free for the purposes of charity. Do not be afraid. Something that we got used to in the real world feels good online. For instance, take a look at online and compare them with offline gambling establishments. 

The Big lose

As many of the Rock music live concerts days booking many months before and fill up the tickets, the unprecedented COVID-19 leads to cancellations of all the shows leading to vain of all the preparations. Also, this unpredicted restriction leads the sponsors to step back from sponsoring. All the Rock Music bands are facing a financial crisis right now as they had to pay for the canceled concerts due to the pandemic.

Rock Music Concerts before Pandemic

The rock music concerts were a big festival for fans as it was the ultimate way of experiencing rock music. To give insight, the largest rock music concert had a staggering 3.5 million people crowded on the beach of Copacabana on the eve of New Year of 1994. It was performed by the legendary rock musician Rod Stewart. In 2019, before the Covid pandemic, the average cost of a live concert ticket was about $95. If you have ever watched the Tomorrowlands performance, you would understand the idiosyncratic experience it brings to the people. The atmosphere created in a live rock music concert is irreplaceable, as you feel like you have reached another dimension.

Rock Music Concerts post Pandemic

Initially, the rock music along with the music world froze as there were strict restrictions imposed by the governments. But slowly they started recovering as they implemented technology to art performing online concerts. In the beginning, people were skeptical about this idea, but eventually, they started enjoying the online concerts with their favorite ones. The online concerts gave the bands a whole new option of visual effects to add to their music to make it more enjoyable for the fans. The online streaming giants such as YouTube and Spotify shook hands with famous rock music bands to present virtual concerts. It’s true that in virtual concerts you won’t experience the same feeling that you experience in a live concert, but then there is assurance that you will be able to enjoy a different feeling which you haven’t experienced before at the place of your choice.

Live performance NOW

As the pandemic eases down in various parts of the world, real-time live open Rock music concerts are conducted in certain places with strict restrictions on entry. Slowly the governments release the restrictions as the intensity of the pandemic diminishes, opens the narrow road to rise for the music world. Many governments even had made a road map solely for the uplifting of the music world. Now we can see many rock music bands performing live concerts with a limited number of people. There are various criteria for one to enter the concert due to the pandemic. Like most concerts only allows those who are vaccinated. There are also some concerts which allow you to enter if you present a COVID negative RT PCR certificate. The life of musicians is also hectic as they have to live in a bio bubble to get permission for performing as they will be traveling a lot.