Why do I love classic rock so much?

I'll tell you why. I was born in '80 and grew up during the decade of decadence (for those of you who remember what that means, good for you; for those who don't - let's just say it was a period when many people -especially celebrities - seemed to be losing their minds and doing all sorts of crazy things). When I was 5 my dad and his then-girlfriend rented a motorhome (I'm not sure if that's the proper name for it) so they would be able to take me along on their road trips. What did grandma do with us? Well, she watched after us while they were gone, but mom took me out every weekend so we could go shopping together at nearby malls. Mylittle sister was still too young for grandma to take care of her. And so it happened that I was exposed to all sorts of music, mostly the most common radio hits at that time (there were actually quite a few 70's songs played on the radio, but they were played less frequently than the current pop/rock).

Yet somehow - whether because my parents didn't own an 8-track or because they kind of saw me more as a little sister whom they had no authority over - I wasn't really exposed to their old records. They had some albums which they used to play in their youth, but I never took an interest in them back then. Rather, my first vinyl album was The Beatles' "Help!" My dad's girlfriend at that time took me to a music store, pointed out the Beatles section to me, I looked through the records and selected the one I liked best.

By this time my biggest obsession was becoming a singer. I began singing "Yesterday" when I was 4 years old (when you hear how it sounds in Russian, you will understand why), so when I found out about The Beatles' Paul McCartney being an ex-member of a band called The Quarrymen - well, let's just say that for some reason this information became TOP priority for me back then. So off to the Lennon/McCartney section of the record store we went! It was there that fate pushed our hands towards Abbey Road -the Beatles' last studio album.

At the time my dad wasn't in a financial condition to buy me 35-45$ records, so he opted for an alternative - renting them. I liked what I heard, but it didn't really stick with me back then (mainly because after about 5 seconds into "Come Together" my dad would turn off the record and we'd switch over to Madonna's "Like A Virgin"). Fast forward a few years...

By this time I began to become interested in classic rock. That means that there were some other things going on as well which led up to this change of heart: first of all, by 7th grade I was listening to music from the 70's/80's/90'sand I explored all kinds of music: classical, jazz, pop, etc. And in search of something new and exciting I stumbled upon the record store section in a nearby mall where they sold old records. So one day off we go!

Some time later... after taking a few more trips to that store (and eventually owning ALL The Beatles' studio albums), my dad allowed me an opportunity to get my own turntable. And thus began my journey into LPs-land!

My first actual CD player was a Christmas present from grandma when I was 16 or 17 years old. But it didn't matter back then because I had already amassed quite a collection of records by that time - over 200 of them - including some really rare stuff (for example, I had all 3 Beatles' Hollywood Bowl albums on vinyl).

It was sometime during my senior year of high school that I got into collecting records seriously. I began seeking out the most valuable ones - mostly by looking for promo releases of singles which were never released in stores and other such rarities/limited editions. I mostly stuck with The Beatles because they're the only band who's entire discography is available in mono/stereo, plus their songs are just super-catchy and well-written! It was about this time when one of my friends introduced me to a cool website called Ebay.com where you can buy and sell things online... so eBay was quickly added to the list of my hobbies.

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