7th of Zeptember 1968

It was September 1968 … the beginning of a journey that would have such a significant impact on music. One credited to four young musicians who left the UK for a mini-tour of Scandinavia, starting out as, The New Yardbirds and Led by the lead guitarist that had followed Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck in the real Yardbirds. When they fell apart, Jimmy Page found himself without a band, but with gigs outstanding, so he called up a fellow session player, a bassist, and a couple newcomers from the English mid-lands – they’ll all end up becoming household names. But first things first, after 15 hours of frantic rehearsal time, they hit the stage of the Teen Club in Gladsaxe Denmark the 7th of September 1968, for all intents the beginning … and about a dozen gigs away from becoming forever more known as Led Zeppelin.


In a newsletter from the venue, writer, Bent Larsen stated, “Their performance and their music were absolutely flawless, and the music continued to ring nicely in the ears for some time after the curtains were drawn after their show. Let me in particular give my praise to Jimmy Page who has made a great job with the three new men. They really succeeded and in particular the guitar solo by Page created huge applause… we can therefore conclude that the new Yardbirds are at least as good as the old ones were.”


This first show was a late afternoon gig, beginning at 5:30, and was followed with a second show that evening at the Brondy Pop Club in Norregardhallen, Brondby, Denamrk. Though no set list survived, it is safe to say the show included songs such as ‘White Summer,’ ‘You Shook Me,’ ‘Dazed And Confused,’ and ‘Train Kept A Rollin,’ all of which were Yardbirds staples at the time. 


This weekend, for the Legends of Classic Rock Season 12 opener – Part 1 of ‘The Best Live Band Ever’ featuring an hour of Zeppelin in concert from their various official live releases plus a gem from Cleveland April 27, 1977. Affiliate list and show times under ‘On Air Schedule’ and ‘Show Details’.


And enjoy this – from March 1969 – Led Zeppelin performing Live on Danish TV in front of a small studio audience .. vintage footage from a young band out to prove themselves …

Have a great weekend!



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