David Bowie Secret was Tough to Keep

Word has it the players on Bowie’s just surprised announced new album had a hard time keeping it a secret.


Earl Slick, who’s played guitar on many of Bowie’s albums, says secrecy surrounded the project the entire time he worked on it. He explains that it was because Bowie didn’t know when it would be completed. Slick says, “It was fun for a little while, but then when I started doing interviews, and after I got all excited after I finished doing the tracks and I was bursting, it wasn’t fun anymore.”

Slick has put some of his 2013 plans on hold in case Bowie decides to tour. “Obviously, we want him to. But right now that’s a big ‘if’. Sometimes he shows up and sometimes he doesn’t. I could get a phone call tomorrow saying, ‘Hey, you know what? Here’s the setlist.’ Obviously the band would love to go out. Even if it’s not a huge tour, we would like to go out and do some gigs. But that’s yet to be seen.”


Titled ‘The Next Day’, the album will come out March 12th.   According to producer Tony Visconti, it’ll be a ‘Rock Record’.  For that story, click here.    



Here’s a Bowie classic, featuring the great Earl Slick on guitar.


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