Eric Clapton will stop touring when he’s seventy

Not unlike many of us, it’s not the destination, but the travel that gets tedious, at least when it’s air-travel, including things like security screening and customs. 


“I never get it right. I forget to take off my belt, or I have change in my pocket. Next thing I know, ‘Can you come over here please?’ I just don’t want to do that anymore” Clapton tells Rolling Stone magazine in a new interview.

Clapton comes with his 21st solo album ‘Old Sock’ Tuesday March 12th and then starts a U.S. Tour including his Crossroads Guitar Festival at Madison Square Garden in April.

As for his touring days, they’re winding down says Eric who thinks he’ll take the route of his pal J.J. Cale, when he turns 70.   Eric is presently 67. 

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Now, the first single from the upcoming album:



Look for the complete interview with Eric Clapton in the new issue of Rolling Stone, available this Friday.

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