Sixty Ninth Birthday for Jimmy Page Today

This week, Elvis, David Bowie, (both on the 8th) and Jimmy Page on the 9th, rock’s delivery room was busy in the month of January.

If you missed it, the footage featuring Jimmy and his Zeppelin band-mates in the balcony, next to David Letterman, watcing as a brilliant choir and orchestra accompanied Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart on ‘Stairway’, at the Kennedy Center Honors event, I’ve included it below.

News this week as well, that Zeppelin music could very well be available soon, for online streaming.   Click through to the story from the New York Times.

And now, a gem from when Jimmy Page was barely into his teens, in black and white, playing the music every kid in England who picked up a guitar in the 50′s was playing, pre-rock ‘n’ roll, and talking about what he wanted to do when he grew up.   Priceless.  Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Sixty Ninth Birthday for Jimmy Page Today

  1. These 2 videos really BROUGHT tears to my eyes, while LOVE and MeMORIES of all the times I have DANCED and ROCK~N~ROLLED to this SONG and to see the response to HEARTS version really was MOVING!!! Thanks for posting these JEFF!!!

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