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I’ve been busy lately with life, like everyone else no doubt and admittedly day-dreaming along the way about the end of winter and the start of motorcycle season.   Can’t wait so I’m off to get some sun and some miles on a Harley in Mexico.    


While I’m away, you’re invited to check out the following episodes of my Legends series:

Weekend Feb 16/17  Rock’s New Wave Part 2

Weekend Feb 23/24 Encore Airing – Under the Cover – Classics in the Hands of the Legends Who Wrote ‘Em.

When I get back I’ll be working on the following shows:


Weekend Mar 2/3 12-21  – 40 Years of Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon

Weekend Mar 9/10 – Bob Seger One on One with Jeff Woods

Bob will share his thoughts on recording Night Moves in Toronto with the great Jack Richardson, plus the influence of the Beatles (tells us his favourite Beatles song and why), speaks of his friends then and now – The Eagles, membership in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and The Songwriters Hall of Fame, riding Harley, and how he’s excited to finally be coming back to Western Canada this March to play LIVE.

Weekend Mar 16/17  – The Greatest Moments of the Hammond Organ (featuring Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Allman Brothers, Joe Cocker and more)

Weekend Mar 23/24 – The Legendary Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy (including current interview material from Bob Seger, talking about his respect for this band and their cover of his song Rosalie, written by Seger about former CKLW Windsor Music Director Rosalie Trombley)

Weekend Mar 30/31 – 40 Years of Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy























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